To all of our KidWind participants,

          First and foremost, we hope you are all well throughout this truly unprecedented time in our society. We have put off making any official announcements until it looked like our state and local governments passed down their final decisions on event capacities and gatherings of any sort. 

          Virginia Tech, who oversees the 4H Cooperative Extension in Virginia, has placed a limit on gatherings at the 4H Centers to be less than 10 at this time. James Madison University, where we the Virginia KidWind organizers operate from, also announced its closure for the remainder of the semester, and has thus canceled all events on its premises. Because of these mandates, as well as the CDC encouraging gatherings to be limited to fewer than 10 people, we will have to cancel our remaining KidWind regional challenges, as well as the state level competition.

          Though we are deeply saddened that we are ending our season after one regional challenge, the health and well-being of our participants is far too important for us to feel any guilt when coming to this decision. We hope this announcement comes at no surprise to you all at this point; we're probably the last to give you an update on our status, trailing behind your employers, your local schools, and all of those websites you gave your email address over the years for the sake of free coupons. 

         Please stay well throughout this time - we wish for nothing more than to see you healthy and ready to give it your all during the 2021 Virginia KidWind Challenge season. If you have any questions, please email us at and we will respond as soon as we are able. 


The Virginia KidWind Challenge Team
Remy Pangle

Grace Mauro

What is the KidWind Challenge?

The KidWind Challenge is the ultimate renewable energy learning experience for students. Find out how middle and high school students around the country are exploring wind and solar energy through the hands-on, investigative, and exciting challenges!

When students participate in a KidWind Challenge they will: 

  • Discover the promise and limitations of renewable energy technology

  • Design, build, and test a functional creative wind turbine OR solar structure

  • Compete with their peers in a supportive environment

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     For the last 16 years KidWind has been focused on helping educators and students explore renewable energy. The idea of the KidWind Project in started in 2003 when founder Mike Arquin was a sixth grade science teacher in California. Unhappy with the poor quality of products and curricula available for teaching wind energy science, he set out to develop some new materials. With an initial investment of $1,000 and a fellowship at the Wright Center for Science Education at Tufts University, he developed a new approach to educating the world about wind energy.

     KidWind and its team of amazing instructors focus on three major areas - teacher training, curricula and materials, and the KidWind Challenge.

     The very first KidWind Challenge was held in a science classroom in Monterey, CA, in 2003. Years later, with support from NYSERDA, we held our first official KidWind Challenge in Albany, NY, way back in 2009.

     Since 2009, KidWind Challenge events have been successfully implemented in 30 states, with roughly 40,000 students competing in 300 events across the country. Our 2018-2019 Challenge season was the biggest year yet! Last year we saw: - 35 State Level KidWind Challenges in 24 states and 4 international locations - 37 Educator Training Events with over 800+ teachers trained in 33 states - 4500+ Students directly participate in KidWind Challenge Events - 500+ Online Challenge Submissions.

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Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy


The Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy (CASE) at James Madison University (JMU) strives to provide educational and technical opportunities, support, and resources to foster the advancement of sustainable energy in Virginia.  CASE focuses on research, education, and outreach to advance sustainable energy deployment.  We focus on research projects with national, regional, and local implications, and are performed with the assistance of undergraduate and graduate students. Our educational efforts reach a wide range of audiences including K-12 students and educators, undergraduates, and post-graduates. Our outreach efforts aim to create a more educated and aware citizen base in Virginia, including local planners, county officials, the JMU community, and the general public.  Find more information about the us at


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